Daniel Boulud at The Marina Bay Sands Resorts and Casino

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I really pushed my sisters and mother to dine at one of the celebrity restaurants at  Marina Bay Sands! I know it is quite pricey but this is definitely once in a lifetime experience haha! To be honest, I am not familiar with chefs. I just know Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver. I am also not familiar with celebrities unless they are really famous in my world haha! I just watch them on tv but I am never familiar with their names unless I am introduced to them by a friend or found their food or show interesting.

So we were supposed to dine at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant but there were no people dining so we moved looking for other restaurants. I then was more familiar with Chef Guy Savoy but the restaurant was only until 2 pm for lunch. So our last choice we went to Daniel Boulud’s american mixed with french cuisine.
Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud is known for his 3-michelin star restaurant in New York, Daniel.I was also amazed to see him vist Amber of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong since one of my batchmates had his internship there!

Some of his restaurants include :  Café Boulud, DB Bistro Moderne, Bar Boulud, DBGB Kitchen & Bar, and Boulud Sud 

Daniel Boulud1

This is their bread basket. I like how it had a crust and that is what the French bread are known for. Crusty oueter layer with a soft inner layer.

Daniel Boulud2

The condiments for their DB Burger ( something that I could not really remember I think it was cocktail sauce then aioli and ketchup) I like how they had introduced the customers with different condiments from the usual mayonaise and ketchup.

Daniel Boulud3

Daniel Boulud4

Sirloin Burger
Filled with Braised Short Ribs & Foie Gras
Served on a Parmesan Bun

You would have 3 different textures when you bite into this one! Really Juicy! It was just hard to eat it though. I think that is the challenge for chefs is to create a good tasting burger with height but easy to it. But the joy would always come when you are making some mess right?Daniel Boulud5


The bacon was really BACON! I think it was more of a ham because of the cut. The bacon in the Philippines are all thin unlike this one, it’s chunky!

Creamy Mushrooms
Sautéed Spinach, Cheese

I liked it personally and the wet egg yolk added to the creamy texture of the mushroom, spinach and cheese! Satisfying but I guess it’s better to have it shared that have it solo flight.
Daniel Boulud7

Fresh Spanner Crab, Tomatoes
Italian Parsley, Lemon & Olive Oil

My sister loved this! Well, she’s really a fan of olive oil, tomato based pastas! I hope she’d be able to try the other restaurants in Singapore since she’s working there and share it to me when she gets back haha!

I am really bad with names so I hope people could help me know these well-known and talented chefs and celebrities! I believe I saw them once in my life on tv but they just don’t register in my brain. Oh! I am also bad in memorizing lyrics. I just know the beat then hum in all the way haha!

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2 Bayfront Avenue

at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore, 018956

Tel: 65.6688.8525

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