Sweeter Singapore at Toast Box

December 16, 2013 at 9:46 am Leave a comment

I was able to try Toast Box here in the Philippines but I wanted to try the Original too! Yes, we see franchised items but nothing beats trying the REAL one right?

Toast Box

Peanut Butter toast.Toast Box1 The Kaya Toast! I liked it though I feel the fattening butter going inside my body but really it’s a thumbs up and it gave me that “bitin” factor.

Toast Box2 It also comes with soft-boiled egg. People like adding salt or soya sauce but I like it plain. I grew up eating these every time I am going to have a math or science periodical test in high school. I don’t know what does this egg do but my mom just gives me those haha!

Toast Box3

This is my mother’s horlics!!

Toast Box4 Additional order: Milo Dinosaur. well, the powdered milo sprinkled on top just went inside my gums haha! Well, again not a fan of chocolates maybe I’d like this with some cream cheese and berries!Toast Box5This is my teh tarik from what I remember that means nai cha.  I love because it’s because of the condensed milk but don’t forget to drink lots of water because you might just get a sore throat! But if you have a sweet tooth, oh my this is to die for! it is “sippin'” lickin good!Toast Box6

My eggToast Box7 with their more viscous soy sauce. Gave it a try for experience! :

Toast Box8

Definitely going back to Toast Box Philippines!

❤ Sweetness Overload!

However, I think I’ll just finish my late posts and you’ll see less of desserts because my sore throat won’t heal since last summer. Sad to say, I have to stay away from them.

” You always have a choice to be happy”


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